This is your home and/or business we will be entering, therefore it is of great importance to us, that you have as much information, about our services, as you need. Below are FAQs you may find helpful!

We have family members/staff who are sensitive to perfumed cleaners, do your cleaners contain perfumes or harsh chemicals?
All of our products are ‘Earth’ safe; no perfumes, phosphates or bleaches. This in turn allows for us to use our products in homes/business’s that have a septic tank or well.

If we had a cleaning crew, from your company, come to our home on regular scheduled cleaning appointments, would it always be the same people?
Yes..for the exception of someone sick or away on Holidays, I have made it a policy that clients are familiar with their cleaning crew…everyone has name tags and each crew has a supervisor.

Do you charge a fuel/mileage fee?
No, we do not.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?
If you are a client with an ongoing cleaning schedule (weekly, bi-weekly) and need to cancel a cleaning…we do require 48 hrs notice at which point there would be no cancellation fee. If I client has a scheduled cleaning date and the crew were to arrive on that date and told, by client, that services were not required, there would be a cancellation fee. If a client were to phone the office the morning of a scheduled cleaning appointment, requesting to cancel, there would be a cancellation fee…in the event of an emergency or sickness a cancellation fee would not be charged.

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