Staff are the Back Bone to any Business!

Our staff are professionally trained, bonded, covered by Work Safe BC and thoroughly screened during the hiring process.

Our staff are required (and trained) to be efficient, respectful, friendly, reliable and client confidentiality is always respected.

Our staff are treated with respect, without discrimination and we believe strongly in team work! Our staff are paid an above average wage and are provided an excellent Extended Medical/Dental package! Staff are the heart of every business and should be treated as such!

We abide by all WorkSafe BC Guidelines.

Clearance letters from Worksafe BC upon request.

If the business you hire is not registered or not making its payments to Work Safe BC, you could be liable for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed on your behalf. That’s why you should always obtain a clearance letter before a business or contractor starts working for you and again before you make the final payment.


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Never risk hiring a cleaning person that does not have proper coverage.

You assume complete liability once you permit them on your property.

Sun Ray Cleaning Inc has Gold Star Clearance Status

If the firm you are hiring has Gold Star Clearance status, Work Safe BC will honor the clearance addressed to you to the date indicated on the clearance letter. That means you will not be liable for paying the subcontractor’s premiums should that subcontractor default on payments during the period covered by the Gold Star clearance.

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